Outside of our exciting summer camp, we're having a special summer schedule of classes.  These will span 3 weeks in June and 4 weeks in July, so will be treated more as a workshop style classes rather than purely educational.  To see the new schedule and decide which classes you'd like to take, visit our schedule page here.

The breakdown of the new classes are as so:
Our dance classes are broken down by age instead of skill level for the summer.  We have a variety of courses featuring hip hop, jazz, lyrical/contemporary, tap, and ballet.  These will be working on specific techniques, skills and combinations, readying our students for the Fall semester and recital/competition season.

We are going to be doing a Summer Kids Show.  This will require students to take 2 2-hour classes a week to get all the rehearsing that will be needed to bring a production to life.  If you feel your student can only commit to one 2 hour session a week, then they may still join, but will be considered for a smaller role in the show.  Improv Games will still be held on Fridays at 4:30PM, and a Kids Theatre course will be available on Saturdays at 10AM.

Fine Art
Our very own Ryan Miller will be doing art classes geared to two different age groups 6-10 & 11-16.  They will work with a different medium every week: drawing, sculpting, paper masks, etc.  They will also be assisting with prop building and set design for the Summer Kids Show.  We will have one adult painting class with the incredible Arnold Desmarais.  Arnold is a visiting artist who specializes in acrylics, but his class will work with any painting style you'd like to explore (watercolor, oil, etc.) and will focus primarily on landscapes.  To learn more about Arnold, visit his webpage by clicking here.  This is a terrific introductory class for anyone who would like to try painting.  Ages 16+

Yoga, Zumba, Etc.
Our adult recreational classes will continue as normal with yoga on Tues @ 6PM and Sat @ 11AM.  Adult Hip Hop will be available on Mondays at 6:00PM and Zumba will continue on the last Friday of every month at 6:30PM.

***For enrollment and pricing, please feel free to contact us at wildecoward@gmail.com or 386-227-7444.  And be sure to check out the calendar for classes and times!