WCC is proud to host the amazing Kevin Kearney and his master class of Improv skills.  This is an incredible useful tool for anyone wanting to get into theatre, comedy, or just hone public speaking skills.  Any time you're able to think quickly on your feet is going to giving you an advantage in a situation, and that's what Mr. Kearney is going to assist with.  This class is for beginners and intermediates, although we'd very much like to host an advanced class in the future.

Kevin Kearney has been performing and directing Long Form Improv for 14 years.  He performed improv with the Titanic Players at Northwestern University where he studied theatre and improvisation.  While at Northwestern, Kevin performed in over 100 improvised shows, including 3 national tours.  As Senior Director for Titanic Northwestern 2005-2006, Kevin coached the team that went on to win the national championship at the College Improv Tournament.  At Stetson University, Kevin founded a new chapter of the Titanic Players (the country's largest and most successful collegiate long form improv organization), where he currently oversees the coaching and casting of all the university's improv teams.  

This master class is being held March 26th at 6PM in the Noel.  Tickets purchased in advance are only $25, at the door $30.  Visit our tickets page for purchase: www.wildecoward.com/tickets