Our long awaited production Steel Magnolias is commencing this spring with auditions on Feb 15th & 16th at 7PM at the WCC Studio.  This magnificent classic is the story of sisterhood and heart as six incredible women in Chinquapin, LA gather to gossip, grieve, and gush at their local salon.  Lifelong friends, the characters are unforgettable and dynamic women.  As Robert Harling once described them: "female characters are as delicate as magnolias but as tough as steel."  This is a show that will resound with all audiences.

6F - Ages 20-70
Monologues are not necessary for auditions, but if you have something prepared, we're more than willing to take a look.  Cold readings will take place. 

For more information about auditions, please contact us at wildecoward@gmail.com or 386-227-7444