A friend of WCC is suffering from MS and we wanted to help the only way we know how: by performing!  Here's her story:

My name is Kristina Cates and I am a 33 year-old mother of two who now lives in Jonesboro, Georgia, but my roots are in Central Florida. I went to Galaxy Middle School and Pine Ridge High School (Go Panthers) before attending Seminole Community College, my grandparents still live in Orange City, and I will be bringing my family back to live in Seminole County next summer. It is my home. 

A fundraising event is happening in my honor on October 3rd in New Smyrna and I was hoping you could help me get the word out.  I was diagnosed with Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis in 2005, at the end of my second year of college. It has been a ten year roller coaster with disability striking at random, sometimes taking the ability to walk and causing painful spasms, crippling vertigo and loss of fine motor skills. With medication my seizures are mostly controlled, however I am swiftly running out of options: the disease modifying drugs just aren’t controlling my relapses anymore.  

Some talented and generous friends of mine in Volusia County are doing something very special this fall: They are holding a benefit in my honor in order to help me raise money for a procedure that has had a lot of promise for people with my disease course. The process, Hematopoietic Stem Cell Treatment, is grueling but has had an incredible success rate for those who have gone through it: most patients (87%, per a Swedish study published last year in the Journal of Neurology ) go on to live relapse free without having to rely on support medication.  Even with insurance, however, the treatment is very expensive. Added to this is the cost of staying in Chicago during the 8-week period required, air fare and other related expenses, making it a financial impossibility for my family. 

The Wilde Coward Company of New Smyrna is holding a "MS Eviction Benefit Show" on Saturday, October 3rd at 7:00 pm. It will be a variety show featuring Broadway dance, theatre and musical standards. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased at ww.wildecoward.com/tickets or (386) 227-7444.

Join us as we celebrate this amazing woman!